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Harvey 360º Collaborator with LeGaL Firms

As a legal identity we collabaorate with offices that are part of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain. The signature of Harvey 360º  guarantees a multidisiolinary team of judicial experts from  criminal  law to personal and business legal matters. We are here to assit and guide you with all your legal issues. 

Our team of trusted and reliable advisers will work with you on all your legal transactions, we take the most complex situations and give you a clear way forward. 

We then make it happen. Leaving you with more time to concentrate on why you are in Spain

Should you be a victim or have been accused of a crime, the thought of legal proceedings  can be a stressful experince.  This is made worse if you are in a foreign country and don’t speak the language fluently or don’t understand the procedures. At Harvey 360º  our multi-lingual lawyers and specialist advisers  have many years experience of handling complex litigation and can help you through the legal process

For further information and consultation: 

E.mail : info@harvey360.com or Tel: 629 710 682 or Pop by to see an advisor